Monday 14 September 2015

Flash Mob at BM

Yesterday a flash mob invaded the British Museum in London to protest against sponsorship by oil and gas giant BP (British Petroleum). Dressed in black and carrying black umbrellas, the mob formed the word "NO" in the museum's Great Court. A sign unrolled on the floor demanded "NO NEW BP DEAL". Tate Modern was also targeted. A deal was struck in 2011, worth £10 million over five years to the British Museum, Tate Modern, the National Portrait Gallery and the Royal Opera House. It's peanuts to BP, but a useful source of income for the beneficiaries (CLICK). I don't know what these naive twerps are protesting about. Sponsorship is a legitimate advertising expense that gets the company's logo shown on prestigious websites. When people stop using oil, BP will stop supplying it.


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