Friday, 18 December 2015

Melted For Scrap

Historic England has belatedly twigged that publc "art" is "diappearing before the public's eyes". A growing number of sculptures, architectural friezes and murals made between WWII and the mid-1980s have been destroyed, sold, lost or stolen. Lynn Chadwick's The Watchers (1960) was stolen from Roehampton University, South West London. A load of tripe, it was begging to be melted down (CLICK).


At 18/12/15, Anonymous Kris said...

Seasons Greetings Ian

Thought this ice sculpture gallery may be worth a blog.

At 19/12/15, Blogger Unknown said...

hi, Kris

Thanks for the ink. I saw a wet-looking stormtroper a few days ago, but decidided not to post it because it's in Belgium.

Happey Christmas



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