Sunday 17 December 2006

Coxsoft's Xmas Message

Coxsoft Art - Blog Bacchanalia (2006)Coxsoft Art wishes you a merry one, whatever you want to call it and whatever your irrational beliefs. And a Happy New Year too. Remember, practice safe sex (if you haven't got the hang of it yet). The clap makes a lousy Xmas pressie. If you hail from the Indian sub-continent, don't be too shy to ask for a smaller condom (BBC News' most popular item: CLICK). And don't suicide bomb! You'll need an even smaller one afterwards! Be green, but not if you're riding anything more powerful than a donkey. DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE. Lastly, I keep reading hypocritical guff from the Vatican over child abuse (CLICK). It's nothing more than a cynical damage-limitation exercise. So long as the Vatican demands priesthood celibacy, it will continue to attract weirdos into the Church and boys will continue to be abused by them (CLICK). Nuns have also abused children....


At 18/12/06, Blogger weggis said...

Condoms are no longer made for the penis! The size is dictated by the drug barons for smuggling purposes!

At 18/12/06, Blogger Unknown said...

Ah. So that's why I tripped over it. Thought I was just getting old.


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