Monday 18 December 2006

Santa Claus Banned!

Anti-Santa Sticker (2006)Just to keep you in the Christmas spirit - i.e. to drive you to drink - here's news that anti-American Christian Fundamentalist nutters have succeeded in banning Santa Claus from Christmas markets across Austria and Germany. It began in Vienna and spread. Anti-Santa campaigners claim he's a Yankee import invented by Coco-Cola. They want Saint Nicholas back. And Jesus. According to Wikipedia "Santa Claus" is a Yankee mispronunciation of the Dutch "Sinterklaas", a contracted form of "Sint Nicolaas"; in other words Saint Nicholas! Do I detect the confused, mindless jingoism of the Third Reich stirring again? The campaign sticker looks as though it was designed by a Nazi propagandist. Achtung! Santa verboten!


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