Friday 10 July 2009

IE 8 Pounces!

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 has arrived. It sprang on my PC yesterday and since then all the titles to my blog graphics have vanished! Like all modern browsers, IE 8 will only show titles on graphics if they are properly entered in the code as "title", not as "alt". The title Jean-Antoine Constantin - The Bridge at Subiaco (next post down) shows up when you mouse over it because I changed the Blogger code from "alt" to "title". I don't want to keep doing this. Come on, Blogger; get your finger out. It's time to update our Blogger code, so everyone can read the titles on our graphics, not just that dwindling band of users of old browsers.


At 11/7/09, Blogger Barkingside 21 said...

you just have to click the compatibility view button.

At 12/7/09, Blogger Unknown said...

I did. What's it supposed to do? And why is the pesky thing ignoring my font plus 25% settings? And all the add-ons that keep popping up. It's a pain. IE7 didn't give me all these problems. It was merely an improvement on IE6.


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