Tuesday 21 July 2009

Stella Vine Video

For those of you who like to listen to artists wittering about their work, here's a gem from the Stuckists' video archives: Stella Vine on why she joined the Stuckists, interviewed by Charles Thomson at the Vote Stuckist Show in 2001. Isn't she a sweetie? Hang on to her every word and snicker. Most enlightening.


At 21/7/09, Blogger Robert said...

Pretty and shy, very endearing performance, nodoubt she warmed to her camera and told us a bit more about her "Art" after that!

At 22/7/09, Blogger Unknown said...

Hi, Robert

Yes. Lovely girl. Her art? She's a Saatchi discovery. Need I say more?

If you scan along the uTube offerings after viewing the video, you'll find a more confident performance on BBC TV, defending her ghastly painting of Princess Diana. Too much hand waving, but a reasonable job.


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