Wednesday 19 February 2014

Paolo Veronese

Now for the big one. On 19 March The National Gallery in London opens Veronese: Magnificence in Renaissance Venice, the first monographic exhibition (solo show) of Paolo Veronese's influential and beautiful paintings to be held in the UK. This is High Renaissance, very high. Sadly his ceilings and wall frescos can't travel, but his oil paintings can. Shown as an example is his oil painting Persius and Andromeda (c. 1575-80). This exhibition was 5 years in the making, with major loans from European and American museums to form a display of about 50 works (CLICK). The show takes place in the Gallery's Rooms 4-8 and 11-12. Admission is £14 adults, £13 silver surfers. However, on Tuesday afternoons from 2.30 - 6pm silver surfers can gain entrance for only £7.00. View the Gallery's YouTube introduction below.

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At 24/3/14, Anonymous Alison ( said...

This show is well worth a visit, and even without the enormous banqueting scenes, it is a logistical triumph for the NG - some of the canvases which have been brought to Trafalgar Square are not small. And although behind the scenes the exhibition was 5 years of hard slog, it is not overly-curated inside: no distracting placards next to pictures, very little writing on the walls. Just the paintings, which is all you need really.

At 24/3/14, Blogger Unknown said...

Hi, Alison

Thank you for you favourable review of the NG's Veronese exhibition. I wish more people would send me their reviews of such exhibitions. I've seen photos and 2 videos of the show, So I thought it would be impressive; but it's good to have your confirmation.


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