Friday 14 February 2014

London Declaration

At the illegal wildlife trade conference at Lancaster House in London, delegates from 46 different countries and 11 UN organisations have signed The London Declaration to protect wildlife from poachers. The slaughter of elephants and rhinos has soared in recent years. They are under threat of extinction. The price of ivory in China is $7,000 a kilo, which explains why criminal gangs have become involved. These criminals are even prepared to steal from natural history museums! CLICK to view a quick BBC video of the slaughter, with statistics. The London Declaration aims to treat wildlife trade as a serious crime, to adopt a zero tolerance policy to corruption and money laundering related to wildlife crime, to strengthen laws and help law enforcement, to create better cross-agency links, to endorse governments which destroy wildlife products and to renounce governments which use products from species threatened with extinction (CLICK).


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