Saturday 14 June 2014

Fly Past

I live under the flight path of those aircraft heading for Buckingham Palace as the climax to the Trooping the Colour ceremony. So I get to see the Fly Past before the royals do. What struck me today was the impeccable timing required to get them over Buckingham Palace in the correct order, because the slowest - the helicopters - went first and the fastest - the Red Arrows - came last. It's an impressive sight, but not so impressive as the insane confection of a hat worn by the Duchess of Cornwall. It must be a strong contender for Silliest Titfer of the Year Award. Here we see the Duchess of Cambridge looking askance at the Cornwall titfer (Cockney rhyming slang tit-fer-tat = hat) and making a mental note to shun Camilla's milliner (CLICK).


At 15/6/14, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's something unforgettable about a Lancaster, Spitfire, and Hurricane roaring overhead.

Once saw a Lancaster flying low over the house. It was following the adjacent railway line - and keeping below the nearby airport's approach path. Like the steam train excursions - the evocative sound in the distance is a prelude to the climax as they pass by.

At 15/6/14, Blogger Unknown said...

Yes. I don't see them coming, but hear the approaching roar. I look out my back door and up as they thunder low overhead. Wow!


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