Wednesday 11 June 2014

British Folk Art

Yesterday Tate Britain opened British Folk Art, the first major exhibition of its kind in the UK with nearly 200 items on display, from a figure of King Alfred made out of thatch to a ships figurehead. Ironically the cockerel used on the Exhibition Banner was made out of mutton bones by a French POW during the Napoleonic wars. The bad news is the price of admission: £11.30 (CLICK).


At 12/6/14, Anonymous Dion said...

Looks quirky.. I think I would like it. And full price adult admission is £13.10, without donation. Would work out to be an expensive day if you saw a few of those!

At 12/6/14, Blogger Unknown said...

Hi, Dion

There are so many excellent free art shows in London that I don't know how the big institutions get away with these prices. I guess it's the tourist trade.


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