Friday 13 June 2014

Twombly Twaddle

It seems I must update my maxim "When in doubt, pose a pretty girl next to it". New maxim: "When it is unbelievable rubbish, pose Sir Nicholas Serota in front of it". Here you see the old smoothie posing in front of one of Cy Twombly's series of Bachus dribbly daubs. For some reason best known to himself, the late Cy Twombly bequeathed Tate Passé three large canvases from the Bacchus series (2006-8) and five equally awful bronze sculptures. Tate reckons they're worth about £50m (CLICK). Twombly is not the first appallingly bad American "artist" to leave tripe to Tate in his will. Mark Rothko did the same. I guess Sir Nick butters them up.


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