Thursday 15 January 2015

Microsoft Block

Microsoft is currently blocking my attempts to upload pictures to London Art News and gives me some nonsense about MIME. My every attempt to upload a picture produces the message "Upload failed: Lost connection to server. Retry", which is also nonsense. This has been going on since yesterday afternoon. What makes it particularly annoying is that the picture for my last, unpublished post - Eric Ravilious' Caravans - was singled our for praise by Google. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.


At 16/1/15, Blogger John Walker said...

I, too, am having similar problems.

Any suggestions/solutions?


At 17/1/15, Blogger Unknown said...

Hi, John

Something nasty has hijacked Internet Explorer, my default browser. I suspect Macafee, because it forced itself on my PC at about the same time this started. Internet Explorer is now confused about uploads and downloads to Blogger. When I try to upload to Blogger, IE wants to download to my PC!

I've resolved the problem by loading Google Chrome, then using it to find my blog. This seems to cut out my confused IE and allows graphics to be uploaded to Blogger.

Do you also have a new browser showing a few stars? This is also part of the malware. You need to try and unistall both programs.


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