Sunday 22 November 2015

Modern Nudes

Sotheby's S/2 London has opened The Nude in the XX and XXI century curated by independent curator and writer Jane Neal. Shown is Kees van Dongen's Femme Nue Blonde (1906) which is about as flat and lifeless as a nude can be. CLICK for details and a list of artists.


At 22/11/15, Anonymous Aleksandar Basic said...

In October, in London I had an exhibition about similar theme on the human form and nudes. This exhibition was inspired by Gustav Courbet's The Origin of the World painting and partly by Paul Cezanne's style. Check my video interview on this topic: or a shorter video about my works only:

At 24/11/15, Blogger Unknown said...

Hi, Aleksandar

Thanks for your comment.


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