Saturday, 28 January 2006

Contemporary Chinese art

Having decided that the Chinese new year should be heralded with something more modern than dragons and lotus flowers, I was pottering around the web in search of something suitable when I chanced upon this startling work: Discrepancy between One Idea (1998) by the Shanghai-born artist Chen Yan Yin. At first glance it looks like an imperial throne or a modernistic four-poster bed. It is in fact a "sculpture" comprising intravenous bags, tubes and needles, water, cut flowers, sound and nylon thread! Most "modern" art looks old-fashioned, tawdry and about as aesthetically pleasing as a dog's poo; but this work is imaginative, ultra modern and rather beautiful. It was exibited in the Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver, and was photographed by Kim Clarke. I assume the flowers have since wilted. I hope I'm not infringing anyone's copyright by showing this image, but I wanted to share it with you in time for the Chinese new year.


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