Thursday, 26 January 2006

Londoners, lock up your bronzes!

A gang of cheeky criminals is stealing bronze statues in and around London, it is thought for their scrap value. Last month they stole Henry Moore's Reclining Figure, worth £5000 as scrap. Their latest theft is one of the figures from Lynn Chadwick's modernist sculpture The Three Watchers (1960), worth £1000 as scrap. So far the gang has stolen 20 bronzes. They use a flatbed lorry and lifting equipment and work at night, when all our bobbies are fast asleep! (A fair assumption, considering the size of what is being stolen, the equipment needed for the heist and the travelling time to the breakers yard.) The police officer in charge of the investigation urges owners to move their statues indoors at night! How do you move a 4 tonne statue indoors at night, for Goodness' sake? Hire the gang to help you?


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