Wednesday, 8 February 2006

Watch out! Crabs!

No sooner is Muslim preacher-of-hate Abu Hamza al-Masri banged up for seven years in Her Majesty's nick than Britons face a new threat, and here is the monster.
It's prettier than Hamza, but no less deadly: the mitton crab, a Chinese invader that preys on British native species. It was first spotted in 1935, but didn't become an obvious pest until the 1990's, when it began undermining the banks of the River Thames. Environmental experts warn that it is on the verge of taking over England's major waterways.
Come on, travel agents, show some enterprise. How about organizing mitten-crab-hunting expeditions for tourists as part of our China in London season? They're a delicacy (mitten crabs, not tourists).


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