Friday, 24 March 2006

Call for real artists

Detail from Nymphs & Satyr (1873) by William Bouguereau
The Art Renewal Centre (ARC) is calling for entries to its Third International ARC Salon™ Competition 2006. ARC accepts original representational work only. No abstract works, photography or computer generated art. Entries must be in the form of 35mm slides, entry fee $35 for the first slide and $25 for each additional slide. There are 5 categories for awards, with more than $44,000 in prize money. The deadline is 16 September 2006, winners announced in November.
Don't waste an entry fee on rubbish: the standard is extremely high. Con artists offering dead pigs in formalin that wiggle their trotters and sing The Yellow Rose of Texas need not apply! (Just a thought, Damien; I heard you were running out of ideas.)
Click the title link for a prospectus and to see previous winners. Interestingly, impressionist paintings won in 2004 and 2005.
Considering that cameras have recently gone digital in a big way, ARC may have to reconsider its demand for 35mm slides in future years.


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