Tuesday, 21 March 2006

Cartoons row hits Wales

The Welsh flag
A Church Welsh-language magazine Y Llan with 500 subscribers has published a cartoon caricaturing the Prophet! It isn't one of those original Danish cartoons, but the follow-up published in the French magazine France Soir, which shows the Prophet sitting on a cloud with a trio of deities telling him "Don't complain...we've all been caricatured here". The editor of Y Llan has resigned; the Archbishop of Wales has apologised to the Muslim Council of Wales; and the Church in Wales has appealed for the return of all 500 copies of the offending magazine, which must be considered to be collectors' items. Hang on to them, lads: they'll be worth a bob or two on eBay in a few years time.
Jesting aside, this is a sad story of defeat. Until now, the Welsh have staunchly defended their rights, freedoms and language. But it seems that Usama Bin Laden and his Fundamentalist nutters have at last struck fear into the heart of the Welsh Dragon. Like the rest of us Brits, they have lost the fundamental human right to laugh at what worries them.


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