Saturday, 4 March 2006

An offer you can't refuse

Bust of Karl Marx at Highgate Cemetery
In the March edition of The Londoner (the Mayor's official propaganda newspaper) there's an article on Hidden London from the London Development Agency, which invites you to visit the capital's cemeteries! I know crime in the old metrop. is a grave problem, so bad that staff at my local library are being issued with personal safety alarms for their journey home at night, but do we need to threaten tourists with cemeteries?
Actually, London's churchyards and cemeteries are havens for wildlife, and the posher resting places, such as Highgate Cemetery, boast excellent architecture and statuary. The bust of Karl Marx is a case in point. Highgate Cemetery is listed by English Heritage as being of "outstanding historical and architectural interest". And you might spot an urban fox. So, the LDA's advice to tourists isn't as daft as it might seem.


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