Monday, 10 April 2006

Coxsoft wins 350,000 Euros!

Coxsoft Art's a winner! That's what Sandra Garcia, Vice President, MICROSOFT LOTTERY INTERNATIONAL, told me by e-mail today: I've won 350,000 Euros! Thanks a bundle, Sandra. Just send me the cheque.
Seriously, folks, this looks like another of those Spanish Lottery scams. You have to pay money up front to an agent - in this case Mr David Lopez (Legal Department Officer) - who rips you off for all you're worth before vanishing into the ether. What is particularly nasty about this scam is that it's using Microsoft's name. The e-mail is actually headed "Microsoft Lottery". I've notified Microsoft about this.
Hint to criminal gangs running Spanish Lottery scams: if you were to use Coxsoft Art's Syntax Checking Service, you would probably reel in a lot more punters. It's your dastardly English that gives the game away. The other giveaway is that I was supposed to keep my win a secret. Whoops!


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