Monday, 29 May 2006

Ken Loach wins Palme D'Or

Ken's victory salute
Brit. film director Ken Loach won La Palme D'Or - the top prize - at the Cannes Film Festival yesterday, with his Irish-rebel movie The Wind That Shakes The Barley. Ken's unassuming acceptance speech confirmed his love of making films that aren't just "a complement to the popcorn"! Despite his gritty, realistic directorial style, I must admit that the last of Ken's movies I watched was Kes (1969). Sorry, Ken. I can't sit through a 5-minute party political broadcast (it's a Brit. thing); don't ask me to sit through two hours of propaganda. Now that you've got the black an' tans off your chest, how about entertaining us with some real Hollywood hokum, say Lara Croft meets Batman, with Angelina Jolie
P.S. congratulations on the new Namibian citizen, Angelina. (Sigh!)


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