Wednesday, 21 June 2006

Everlandia® Virtual Travel Agency

Buy Blitish Art © Coxsoft Art 2006
I'm not sure why Art Daily suddenly decided to announce Martin Bricelj's multimedia project Everlandia® Virtual Travel Agency yesterday. The exhibition at the Digital Studio, Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), London, UK, ended on 2 April. I usually avoid the ICA, because it promotes Anti Art and asserts its lack of artistic taste by having one of the most lurid and disgusting websites on the internet! (The essence of Anti Art is to avoid anything that might be considered chocolate-boxy, which includes all the world's great art and leaves nothing to promote but tasteless dross. It's the toff's equivalent of spraying four-letter words on a nice piece of brickwork. Don't believe me? Visit and see for yourself. Yuk!)
Anyway, intrigued by the thought of creating a virtual reality postcard, I visted the Everlandia® website (version 2.0 beta) and clicked ENTER. IE6 crashed! Flash Player 8! Click the title link at your peril!
Background brick wallpaper thanks to Feebleminds GIFs.


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