Tuesday, 25 July 2006

R.A. hits new low

Ben Levene RA - Self-portrait with Mirror and Turkey Rug (c 1974}
Considering that some of the great names in Brit. art were once Royal Academicians, it is sad to see how low the Royal Academy of Arts has sunk. Is it lack of talent in the UK or are the current RA's so jealously inartistic that they blackball anyone who shows a modicum of talent? Take the tripe shown to illustrate a new exhibition by a current RA: Ben Levene RA: Paintings and Drawings. Judging by this picture, the guy can't paint for toffee. Yet his Art Establishment credentials are impeccable! He teaches art students! Aw, hell; that's another generation of Brit. talent up the spout! Avoid the Sir Hugh Casson Room for Friends until after 25 September 2006. Etchings by two dead RA's show more talent: Skin Deep: GL Brockhurst & AR Middleton Todd, in the Tennant Room until 8 October 2006. Both exhibitions are free. The etchings look worth a visit.


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