Tuesday, 15 August 2006

Stefanie Rocknak

Stefanie Rocknak - The Swimmer
Art4Heart is getting better and better. Its latest newsletter (No. 5) showcases two excellent female artists working in the USA. The first, Stefanie Rocknak, sells figurative wood carvings. I know "carving" doesn't sound as posh as sculpture, but I'm often blogging about sculpture and this is my first opportunity to mention wood carving. The beauty of wood is in its grain, and it always seems a shame to cover that beauty with gold leaf, as happens with so much Rococo frippery. One glance at The Swimmer reveals that Stefanie knows exactly what she is doing with her chosen medium. This sculpture is truly dynamic. Click the title link to see more of Stefanie's art. See my next post for No. 2.


At 17/8/06, Blogger Art4Heart.News said...

Thanks for linking to my platform. Hope you'll find more interesting artists in future issues.
Best regards Georg


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