Saturday, 12 August 2006

Naked yuppies not Art

Albert Gea - P.E.T.A. anti fur fashion protest in Barcelona
Hi, Jacoblog and Roger. I like to reply to my readers quickly, but I've been unable to post replies for the last few days. Worse, I can't visit Coxsoft Art Blog! Blogger did some maintenace work and it seems to have taken UK bloggers offline. Aussie and US blogs seem unaffected, but the UK Blogger blogs I tried couldn't be reached. I can post blogs, but I can't see them! So I'm posting this photo, which nobody claims is art - it's a protest - to rubbish Tunick's claim that his work with nudes is art. I agree that posing his nudes under the Rubens is an interesting attempt at legitimization, but they're still just a pile of bodies. And yes, Roger, I did notice the cute cherub and I have seen other photos of Tunick's twaddle and I still think it's a pile of yuppies. The term may have been coined in the 1980's, but it's by no means dated. I heard it on BBC TV today. It has entered the language and has blossomed: yuppie or yuppy, yuppify, yuppification, yuppiedom, yuppie flu. Your phrase "Good God" is obsolete, by the way. Lastly, Roger, I assure you I intended no insult to your butt, which is now in a museum. I'm sure it's a very nice butt.


At 13/8/06, Blogger weggis said...

I am wondering whether Coxsoft Art's recent preoccupation with the naked form has resulted in his own Internet Content Controls having barred access to his own site?


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