Friday, 22 September 2006

Manet to Picasso

Seurat - Bathers at Asnières (1884)The National Gallery, London, has rehung its 19th-century collection - mainly Impressionist paintings - in the brand new Sainsbury Wing. Manet to Picasso opened today, 22 September, and continues until May 2007, admission free. Sainsbury may not know much about art - Tesco's own-brand packaging in patriotic red, white and blue shows far more artistic savvy than does Sainsbury's packaging -, but at least it recognizes a brand leader in the art lark. Building a new wing for the National Gallery must be worth a bob or two in free advertising. Smart business move, Sainsbury. Click the title link to design your own room, using paintings from the National Gallery. It uses Flash Player.


At 25/9/06, Blogger Jacoblog said...

The Seurat painting reminds me of this 'replica' :

At 25/9/06, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

It's weird. That flickr photo looks perfectly natural, even though it's posed as is the original Seurat. The original looks posed in a kind of surrealist way, like a dream, nothing natural about it.
By the way, I'm still unable to reach any blogs with blogspot in the URL, including my own, but I've discovered that if I go into TEMPLATE and PREVIEW, I can post comments. It was much easier before. I don't know when Blogger is going to sort out this mess.
You've missed loads of news.

At 26/9/06, Blogger Jacoblog said...

I know, I've missed tonnes!!


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