Wednesday, 20 September 2006

Rodin at the RA

Auguste Rodin - The Kiss (1889) Coxsoft Art enhanced imageNow it's the turn of the Royal Academy of Arts to roll out a biggie: Rodin opens on 23 September and continues until 1 January 2007. The RA has brought together over 300 of Rodin's works, mainly borrowed from the Musée Rodin and his former home in Meudon, France. These include The Gates of Hell, The Kiss and a large version of The Thinker. Ticket prices range from £2.80 to £11 and the book costs £24.95. It upstages the Kettle's Yard Rodin exhibition, which concentrates on one work: Eve. However, the Kettle's Yard website has won a CASSFA, while the revamped RA website is still way off target; Internet Explorer 6 keeps reporting an error on Line 2 "'Element' undefined" and Line 16. That's not good enough, RA. I know Coxsoft Art complained about your old website and this is an improvement, but you've got to iron out those bugs to qualify for a CASSFA. And your page-loading times are much too slow.


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