Tuesday, 26 September 2006

Saatchi's Your Gallery

The Star of Saatchi's collection of rubbish: Tracey Emin's My Bed!BBC London has a feature article on Charlie Saatchi's latest bid to grab the art world by the short and curlies: Your Gallery, which exhibits artists' work online for free. More than 1,000 artists have already posted their work on Saatchi's website. The BBC wants to know if you're convinced of the value of this new project. Well, are you? Go tell Aunty. Don't forget to mention the plight of UK artist Michael Dickinson which BBC News has completely and unforgiveably ignored.


At 26/9/06, Blogger Jacoblog said...

This is unrelated, but I wanted to let ya know the latest on the Munch paintings:


At 27/9/06, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Thanks for the link, Jacoblog. I hadn't seen it. The Scream features again. You have to click the popup to see the Modonna. The BBC really is shy about showing her. The damage doesn't look too bad. A couple of Elastoplasts and a squirt of spray paint should do the job. Have you seen the wonderful restoration on one of those Chinese vases the twerp smashed when he fell down the stairs at Cambridge? Wow!

At 27/9/06, Blogger Jacoblog said...

Yes, I saw that restoration process on that vase - incredible! But what a waste of time piecing it together huh? hahaha!

At 30/12/06, Blogger Darren said...

Hi....Whats the BBC London link??

Hopefully this is of interest, but I worked at the gallery as IT Manager and worked with Charles Saatchi and launched Your Gallery back in May.

Think the opportunity for artists to exhibit their work - instantly - on such a resource (saatchigallery.com) provides a great opportunity for them in their aim of becoming just a touch noticed. I am definitely assured that there will be some big stars which come out of YG as many people (including Charles Saatchi himself (I know as a fact) view the site on a regular basis and with much interest.)

I have a site which I hope is of interest: www.onemanwebdesign.com

Cheers, Darren

At 31/12/06, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Hi, Darren
Thanks for your comment. Very interesting to hear from the guy who actually designed Saatchi's Your Gallery. I've visited your website and blog and both contain some very useful technical information. Could be a blog....
I guess you're new to Blogger, so don't know to pass your cursor over the post title to see if there's a link. (I get bored with typing "Click the title link", so don't always bother.) To answer your question: Click the title link! This takes you to the BBC webpage - I've just checked it - where you can post a comment to Aunty.

At 2/4/08, Anonymous DreamLily said...

Saatchi's site is a technical bore! The only reason it has had so much press is because of his name. Very few sites have the guts to challenge his site, even deviantART catered to him by promoting yourgallery on their blog, which is odd because they have banned members for posting links to other art sites.

I only know of one online art community that has challenged them and that is www.myartspace.com. Observe,


I'm not saying that myartspace is great, every site like this makes makes money by ads or by members none of them are out soley for the artists, but at least they have attitude and a spine. Considering that they have had jurors from the Tate Modern and Sotheby's I'd think it is fair to say that are giving old Saatchi a run for his money.

Also, if Saatchi goes to the site on a regular basis why is he not buying art? You never read about him randomly buying from one of the artists on there. It is rare for him to buy something from one of their competition winners. And how did they get all these emails at the start? I remember when they started over a dozen of my friends had the same spam message invite. My guess is that they bought emails from a few art sites. That was never looked into though.

At 3/4/08, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Hi, DreamLily

Thanks for your comment and the link.

I agree that Saatchi's Your Gallery is a bore, despite all the features he keeps adding. Big problem, there's very little art on it! What does Saatchi know about art? He merely promotes it, just as his advertising agency promotes any other product, even political parties. As a promoter, he's brilliant. He knows all the tricks in the trade. But I believe his influence on the arts has been entirely bad. If Saatchi buys some rubbish, it becomes instant art and the no-talent artist becomes a new star. His influence is so powerful that he can buy "art" at a low price and then sell it at a profit, because his merely buying the tripe increases its value. That is very bad news for those talented artists he ignores and for visual art generally.


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