Friday, 15 September 2006

Where's Euro Artiste?

Artiste banner (2002) detailArtiste is or was an ambitious project to integrate "metadata-based image retrieval across disparate databases" in four major Euro. galleries: the Louvre, the Uffizi, the V&A and the National Gallery, London. Funded by the Euro. Commission, the project took off in 2000 and a small trial version for use by selected Euro. artists was set up. Click the title link to read an illustrated review, dated June 2002. My local library just received a batch of leaflets from the Euro. Commission entitled "Europe on the move". What a misnomer! The manuscript for the leaflet that caught my eye - A community of cultures The European Union and the arts - was completed in 2001, copyrighted in 2002 and hit my local library in 2006! (On the move? More like Europe bogged down!) On page 7 I found Artiste. I tracked down its website - - and read an Apache server message: "Hey, it worked !". So, a URL and webspace have been reserved for Artiste. Thinks: Is this another of those white elephants that software houses are so good at selling to clueless managers and so bad at implementing? After gobbling up millions in public funds, the monster finally gets killed off. We need to know. Having failed to find any news of Artiste at, Coxsoft Art has e-mailed the Euro. Commission to find out what's going on. Judging by past performance, I expect a reply in 2012!


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