Tuesday, 12 September 2006

The Invention of Solitude

The Invention of Solitude poster (detail)The Nunnery Gallery in London will show the work of four unknowns in its The Invention of Solitude exhibition from 21 September to 22 October 2006. The Nunnery isn't expecting a rush of punters for this show, because the layout allows only four persons to enter at a time. They sit on a square of park benches and watch a slide projection of one of the unknowns' work. Cor blimey! Ambitious, ain't it? This is another example of how the arty-farties waste taxpayers' money. The Nunnery is part of the charity Bow Arts Trust, which was sensibly offline when I tried to reach it. But it has something to do with Engage, which gets dosh from the Arts Councils of England, Scotland and Wales. What's the purpose? Is it to get hooligans off the streets? or stop graffiti? or massage unemployment statistics? or simply to gain knighthoods for the chinless wonders in charge? If we saved the billions we waste on no-talent "artists" and spent it on sports facilities, we could wipe the board at the next Olympics and maybe win Wimbledon too. Maybe.


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