Saturday, 28 October 2006

Bernini's David

Bernini - David, 3 views (a Coxsoft Art combined graphic)Bernini's powerful statue of David slinging his shot also came under Prof. Schama's scrutiny yesterday. Michelangelo's David may be the world's favourite, but for sheer dynamism Bernini's version can't be beaten. To view the 1024 x 768 screen size of the above graphic, click the title link and the thumbnail you'll find there.


At 10/7/07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re your assessment of Simon Schama's Power of Art: You are a twit, sophomoric and ignorant. You wouldn't know brilliance if it blinded you.

At 10/7/07, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

I assume you don't like Bernini's David. So much for your appreciation of art.
As a psychologist, I'm always interested to know what facets of their personality other people unconsciously project on to me. Keep the insults coming. You're telling me a lot about yourself.


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