Tuesday, 24 October 2006

New Guerrilla Artist?

Suspect Phantom Pooer (CCTV clip 2006)Yesterday, British Transport Police released CCTV images of a man who has defecated on at least 30 trains across south-east England since August. Not only does he poo on trains, but also he spreads it inside carriages. So, is he merely another nutter, a man with a grudge, or is he a new guerrilla artist spreading performance art, perhaps sponsored by the British Council? Could it even be that doyen of the Brit. Anti Art Movement, Sir Nicholarse Serota in disguise, testing a new project for Tate Modern: a poo-smeared railway carriage dangling in the Turbine Hall? Whoever he is, the phantom pooer has caused train network disruption and has knocked up a £60,000 cleaning bill. The railway fuzz want him caught fast. So do the cleaners.


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