Wednesday 29 November 2006

Nudes Banned at Fair

Sarah Horsfall - Alienated (2005) with the artist's kind permissionA week ago I posted The Great Art Fair's top ten artists, which I illustrated with Freud's ghastly painting of Kate Moss in the nuddy while preggers. I've since discovered that the inaugural show, The Great Art Christmas Fair, at Alexandra Palace, London, from tomorrow to 3 December 2006, has banned nudes! Talented artist Sarah Horsfall, who paints beautiful, artistic nudes (example shown), had booked space at the show, but when the organizers discovered she wanted to display paintings of nudes, they rejected her booking! Okay, they want the event to be a family show, but come on ... life studies are the basis of art, and Sarah's nudes are gorgeous. I would be happy to allow any child of mine to view them. So what are these "Great Art" wallies playing at? And why pay £7.50 at the door for a nuddyless show when you can click the title link and view Sarah's lovely nudes for free?


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