Monday, 13 November 2006

Sir Elton on Faith

Henry Scott Tuke - Study (1928)Somebody at BBC News dipped into Sunday's gay edition of The Observer Music Monthly. The result is a garbled item headlined Sir Elton: Ban organized religion. As The Guardian interview took place in August, this isn't hot news, but the Beeb added it to all those Christian grumbles which the festive season has stirred up. The headline hints that Sir Elton has seen the light and become an atheist. That isn't how it reads in context. The anti-gay stance of major religions is the crux of Sir Elton's comment. He wants religion to be compassionate. He's missed the point. There is Humanitarianism, which puts people first, whatever their sexual disorientation, and there is Religion, which puts the notion of God above all else. These views are opposed and irreconcilable. Cheer up, Sir Elton. I've illustrated this blog with a painting by one of your favourite artists: Henry Scott Tuke.


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