Monday, 20 November 2006

UK Romanticism in USA

Rossetti - Drawing of Desdemona's Death-Song (1875-80)The National Gallery of Art in Washington DC has just opened an exhibition with a commendable Brit. flavour: The Artist’s Vision: Romantic Traditions in Britain, 19 November to 18 March 2007. About 70 prints, drawing and watercolours from UK visionary artists such as Blake, Turner, Fuseli, Palmer, Ruskin, Varley, Burne-Jones and David Cox are on display. Highlight of the show is Rossetti's drawing of Desdemona's Death-Song, newly acquired by NGA and on public view for the first time. One quibble: Where's our greatest watercolour artist John Sell Cotman? Click the title link to view the NGA's elegant website.


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