Friday, 19 January 2007

BA Finally Caves In

Nadia's CrossYou recall the story of Nadia's cross, which raised the hackles of Christendom. She's won. It's official. British Airways has been forced to change its uniform policy to allow Nadia to wear her cross openly while on duty. But don't get too excited, Klansmen: flaming crosses still won't be allowed! And white masks with dunces hats remain taboo. I assume pagans and witches will now be able to wear their pentacles. Try. BA is on the run, and Paganism is the original English religion. Followers of that foreign import Christianity killed thousands of innocent old ladies in an attempt to obliterate witchcraft and Paganism. Wear your pentacle with pride and declare "This is for granny!" But don't ask me to fly BA. I need to know there's more than prayer keeping me in the air!


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