Friday, 26 January 2007

UK Funds Anti-Israeli Propaganda

Khalil Rabah - 50,320 NamesWhat's this? It claims to be an art "installation" entitled 50,320 Names by Khalil Rabah, who appears to be otherwise known as The Palestinian Museum of Natural History and Humankind. A one-man museum? ... Er... I gather so. Look closer and you find that this is anti-Israeli, anti-British, pro-Palestinian political propaganda! The 50,320 names are "...the buildings on RIWAQ's Registry of Historic Buildings in Palestine ... which date earlier than 1945." (Blurb by Kelly O'Reilly, Curator of the Stephen Lawrence Gallery at the University of Greenwich, who writes the most dreadful bull; CLICK). The London venue for this propaganda, which opened yesterday, is the Brunei Gallery, part of The School of Oriental and African Studies (title link). Rabah's sponsors include Consolidated Contractors Company - an Arab construction firm - (CLICK), Arts Council England (CLICK) and Visiting Arts (CLICK) a registered UK charity funded by the British Council, Arts Council England, the Scottish Arts Council, the Arts Council of Wales, the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. Name and shame! These are the UK institutions wasting taxpayers' money on Palestinian propaganda against the "Israeli occupiers" (O'Reilly).


At 27/1/07, Blogger ShirleyBod said...

I agree 100% with your viewpoint. Is it any wonder so many people (taxpayers) are turned off the very notion of genuinely progressive art when time and again the ‘hidden agenda mob’ (aided and abetted by a certain pretentious elite) continually hijacks the art scene?
PS. I noticed your Pacino plays Dali post. I also mentioned that news on my blog and also used the Godfather of Surrealism angle. I didn’t copy, honest!
PPS. You write a very good blog.

At 28/1/07, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Thanks, Shirley.
It's always good to know there are others out there who view the UK Art Establishment with justified cynicism. Have you visited the Stuckism website? It shares our point of view.
Re. PS I believe you. I couldn't resist the Godfather jibe. It was the first thing that came to mind.


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