Saturday, 20 January 2007

Shilpa Shetty v Plebs

Here's irony - Shilpa Shetty as a circus tiger for PETA's Boycott the Circus campaign (2003) The Lady volunteeredRed Ken, the globe-trotting Mayor of London, has pitched into the furore over Shilpa Shetty's maltreatment in Big Brother. He is "delighted" that 82% of viewers who phoned in voted to remove her principal tormenter from the show. He's now calling for Channel 4's broadcasting licence to be revoked. He's grandstanding, of course, to appeal to his Asian electorate. (That's UK Asian, not US Asian.) It's amazing how one pathetic TV show designed for feeble minds that crave an updated version of "What The Butler Saw" has caused an international incident. Despite all the clips and quotes hitting the news, I still haven't seen anything racist in it. To me it's obviously a clash between pre-feminist and post-feminist cultures. On the one hand you have that old-fashioned person a lady - beautiful, polite, elegantly dressed - looking like a bemused princess who's lost her bodyguard and strayed into an East End pub at chucking-out time. On the other hand you have the brash, strident, semi-literate, ugly, foul-mouthed, aggressive slob that is Modern Woman. Thanks to Feminism, Brit. schoolgirls are starting to carry knives and are prepared to slash another girl's face if snubbed. Racism? Forget it. It's female emancipation! It's progress! Accept it, Mother India; it's coming your way!


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