Friday, 23 February 2007

Coxsoft Art Up Again!

Coxsoft logoCoxsoft Art has been offline for nearly three days, thanks to British Telecommunications plc. It took them that long to come round and repair the wire between my house and their telegraph pole. And what a pain reporting it to BT (on a neighbour's phone): recorded voices giving you streams of options - press this button; press that button -, then wait for a line test to confirm there's a problem. Do you want to speak to somebody? Yes. Off to India to speak to an Indian lady who didn't care I needed access to the Internet or that I would take my business elsewhere if BT didn't fix the fault that day. At least she spoke more comprehensible English than the last Scot I was connected to. I think it's time to remove the embarrassing "British" from BT and rename it Cowboy Telecommunications plc!


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