Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Uncomfortable Truths 3

Schoolboy victims: Michael Dosunmu (left) and Billy Cox (right)This post is for my readers from foreign parts who might think I'm exaggerating the upsurge of gun crime in the UK's black ghettos (next post down). The picture shows two handsome young faces familiar to Londoners: Michael Dosunmu (left) and Billy Cox (right). Both were 15 years old when they were shot dead in their homes. Michael was still in bed when his killers burst into his home and shot him. These are just two of the schoolboy victims of recent weeks. Motives? Billy may have upset a local gang leader. The police think Michael was shot by mistake. In his own home? The killers knew his address and where his bedroom was! Maybe he was targeted because of his African surname. There is no love lost between Africans, who sold their social misfits into slavery, and West Indians, whose parents were the victims of slavery. (I've heard this from both sides.) Maybe he was too good at school, too middle class for the ghetto. Maybe he simply failed to show "respect" to the morons with guns. What makes me sick is that the ghetto knows who murdered these youths, but it won't name names to the police. Instead, it demands millions of pounds be spent on the ghetto to make the problem go away. You think upgrading a killer's neighbourhood will turn him into a model citizen? Dream on.


At 23/2/07, Blogger weggis said...

My heart sank yesterday evening when watching the TV news. Home Secretary Reid proposes "new measures" to deal with this problem.
Guns are illegal in this country, period. What we need is to allow the Police to enforce the laws we already have without being branded nasty racist pig dogs.

At 24/2/07, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Have you known any situation which doesn't elicit a knee-jerk reaction from our wonderful politicians?


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