Monday, 26 February 2007

Saatchi's Showdown

Saatchi My Gallery logo?Those of you who have registered with Saatchi's My Gallery (for artists) or Stuart (for art students) will know that today is the start of Showdown, when online artworks compete for visitors' votes. The winner will receive £1000 and the runner up £750. The winning artwork will go on display at the new Saatchi gallery ... er ... that's a prize? Maybe. Unfortunately, Saatchi is still living in the past, so there's no chance of entering animated GIFs. For those of you who haven't joined My Gallery or Stuart, they are free online showcases for artistic talent. Click the title link to join. Coxsoft Art joined and posted a scraperboard of a chess king (1987), which is one of the last artworks I designed before going completely digital. It's also on my Museum page (CLICK). Since then I've done nothing without a mouse or an UNDO option. You're 30 years out of date, Mr Saatchi.


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