Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Another Banksy Theft

Banksy Bridge, Brick LaneThis Banksy thing is becoming ridiculous. Thieves, presumably with learning difficulties, are stripping London of its Banksy artwork in hopes of making a quick profit on eBay. The latest theft was at "Banksy Bridge" in Brick Lane, east London, where Banksy had posted the message TO ADVERTISE HERE CALL 0800 BANKSY on boards above a wall mural. Over two nights, the thieving twits stole most of this message, leaving only TO ADVE. What idiot is going to pay good money for a load of boards with an incomplete message? Maybe I shouldn't ask. The art market is insane. See the Top Ten "artists" on Art News Blog (CLICK).


At 20/4/12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please let them steal it they are doing society a favour rather having to have his tedious images imposed upon us. The ironic thing is his work is going down in value,it was obvious his hype would die. His images are an eyesore and about as inspired as some crass boy band. The Nazis burnt what they called "Decadent Art", well let's destroy
"Tired imagery" namely banksys images.
A great big thank you to the thieves, who steal or destroy this crap !

At 21/4/12, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

You're the first person I've come across who dislikes Banksy's art. His show a couple of years ago was a huge success.


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