Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Whitechapel Art Gallery

Whitechapel Art GalleryDue to expansion of the Whitechapel Art Gallery into the former library next door, a temporary entrance has been set up in Angel Alley to the left of the building. For some reason best known to its curator, the Gallery will be called the Whitechapel Laboratory for the time being. The Whitechapel - Art/Lab - has been inflicting modern art on the huddled masses of the East End of London for a century and boasts that it introduced Pablo Picasso to England! If you're tasteless enough and rich enough to want to collect this stuff, the Whitechapel is offering a five-week course - 24 May to 19 June 2007 - on navigating the contemporary art market. Cost? £595. A snip (CLICK).


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