Monday, 23 April 2007

Billy Cox Mural Update

Anonymous Graffiti Artist - Billy Cox Mural (2007)If you didn't read my Life-cheap-in-Lambeth post, a copy of which I sent to Lambeth Council, click HERE first. Now the update. Lambeth Council has postponed its offensive plan to obliterate the Billy Cox mural in Fenwick Place, following a meeting between officials and residents last week. The Council will now conduct a survey of residents to gauge their opinions on the mural, the alternative being a permanent memorial in a nearby play area. It's good to see Lambeth taking Democracy seriously. Too many councillors in the UK regard Democracy as some rigmarole to go through every five years. That's why so many of us don't vote at local elections. We write stroppy emails and sign petitions instead. Voting just gets you a party; campaigning may get you the result you want.


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