Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Islam Persecutes Nuba

Leni Riefenstahl - Art of the Nuba: Face PaintingWhile researching my post on Leni Riefenstahl (CLICK) I discovered the plight of the Nuba, those tribal people she photographed so beautifully. The Nuba were a million strong, speaking more than 50 languages or dialects, living their picturesque lives in and around the Nuba Mountains on the plains of central Sudan (CLICK). Since the 1960's, the jackboot of Islam has descended on the Nuba. Their lands have been stolen. Many of their warriors joined freedom fighters struggling against the Islamic Sudanese Government. Their villages have been bombed, their women forced into concentration camps and subjected to gang-rape by Sudanese soldiers (CLICK). A government ban on foreign journalists has kept its Nazi-style persecution of the Nuba from world attention. It also refused to allow aid agencies to help the Nuba. Recently, Ethiopia has been drawn into the chaos and bloodshed. To learn more, visit Nuba Survival (title link) set up by Suleiman Rahhal, a leading campaigner for the Nuba (CLICK). In the UK we must stop regarding Islam as some fruitcake religion with a few terrorists and see it for the Fascist political doctrine that it is: the gravest threat to freedom since Communism. Islamaphobia? Try telling that to the Nuba!


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