Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Sales Lost on eBay UK

Smiley WeepingHave your art sales on eBay slumped recently? If so, this is due to UK entries no longer appearing on the US eBay website. Since February, Yanks need to do an "advanced" search to find items on eBay UK. The answer suggested by eBay is to have two eBay accounts and pay for two listing fees. Lousy advice, because you can't post the same item twice or you'll end up with two winners! Working Lunch (title link) will have a full discussion about the eBay problem on Friday.


At 19/4/07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is really annoying, since you have to start again with a fresh "zero feedback" ID on the U.S. eBay. That means you loose all your feedback and ratings from your U.K. eBay ID. The UK eBay system should just have a simple "add this listing to the U.S. site - and pay xx amount more" button, when submitting item listings.

At 19/4/07, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

I posted 2 versions of this blog. I hope you read the second one (onscreen now), because the first contained a fatuous suggestion from eBay, which I have corrected. You're not the only one annoyed by this change. Do click the title link for more complaints and an ongoing debate about it.


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