Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Art at the British Museum

Exhibition Catalogue Cover showing John White's watercolour An Indian Chief (c.1585)Last Sunday, a fascinating art exhibition opened at the British Museum in London: A New World: England’s first view of America, which displays more than 70 watercolours by the Elizabethan artist John White as well as other exhibits. "Enthralling ... unmissable" squeals The Telegraph. "Staggering" thunders The Times. Staggering? I assume The Times' art critic must be about 10 years old, because a lot of John White's artwork will be familiar to any adult who has read books on early American History or the indigenous tribes that sold land to the settlers for a handful of beads. ("White Man big mug, because land belong to Great Spirit, not to Indian") White's drawings and watercolours are stock illustrations for such history books. Nevertheless, here they all are in one place - Room 5 - until 17 June 2007. Admission charge: £7, "concessions available". The Catalogue costs £25.


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