Friday, 27 April 2007

William Morris News

William Morris GalleryThe petition to safeguard the William Morris Gallery and Vestry House Museum has collected 9,000 signatures. To maintain pressure on the council, the Victorian Society plans a protest rally in Walthamstow on 1 May at 11am (details to be sent by email). Another rally on 5 May will gather at Vestry House Museum at 12 noon. For details and to sign the petition - if you haven't already done so - click the title link. See also links to correspondence in The Guardian on the disingenuousness and ignorance of Councillor Naz Sarkar (Cabinet Member for Leisure, Arts and Culture)! Where did this clueless clot come from and how did he get himself elected? Whatever political party he belongs to should drop him like a hot potato, because he is going to lose the next election for you.


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