Monday, 30 April 2007

Zero Tolerance in Wales

Hazel Mercer (2007)Banksy better not try his stuff in Wales, because it's zero tolerance for graffiti artists across the border. Two 16-year-old girls - Hazel Mercer (photo) and her friend Charli Lyth - have recently been fined £80 for chalking hearts and rainbows on a pavement in Bangor, Gwynedd. Hazel's dad is furious with the fuzz. He's threatening to make an official complaint and go to court. Thinks: Banksy is rich enough to afford an £80 fine. Hey, Banksy, the Hay Festival is coming to Wales in May. Go for it!


At 30/4/07, Blogger weggis said...

send that 3D pavement artist too!

At 30/4/07, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

That's a thought. I'm not sure he can afford the fine, though. But watch this space for a pavement artist working in China (two continuity links in one; can't be bad).


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