Saturday, 26 May 2007

David Hockney's Big One

David Hockney - Bigger Trees Near WarterIt's big. It's Hockney. And it's surprisingly good. Bigger Trees Near Warter is the largest painting David Hockney has ever done: 40ft by 15ft. It comprises 50 paintings and was custom made to fit the back wall of the Royal Academy of Art's largest gallery. What better way of publicizing the opening of the RA's Summer Exhibition on 11 June than to have David Hockney unveil his latest effort for the show?


At 8/4/08, Blogger CAP said...

Rosenquist does his billboard-size epics using the same modular panels.

It's surprising how easily you overlook the grid when you see them. A JPEG of something this big is pretty laughable though. Although a bigger JPEG would have been slightly more informative.

At 8/4/08, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

I'm limited to 400 pixels width on this blog, but also I compress my graphics to less than 10Kb usually, so that also loses detail.

This graphic was taken from a poor-quality news photo with Hockney standing in the way. I had to cut him out and guess what was behind him to fill in the gap. It doesn't show!

The new graphic I posted is better, but also small. If you follow the link to the BBC, you'll find a larger pop-up, much better photography than the original news graphic and no Hockney in the way. You can see some of the squares, especially the sky in the top-left corner.


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